The Massah Project desires to shape and enable gospel-centered Jewish believers to live fully in Jesus.

We recognize that life is a series of always moving parts, and following Yeshua is an holistic endeavour, to which building and being part of a community founded in Him is essential.
The Massah Project functions as an incubator, with the hope that this during this season, your life will be deeply changed by knowing Jesus more fully.

Our goal is to cultivate Jewish believers in Yeshua who for the season of the Massah Project, will learn in community, serve together, worship , innovate ways to share the gospel, as we travel, and ultimately be equipped to challenge the culture to rethink who Jesus is both during Massah and beyond.

  We believe that being a follower of Jesus
means sharing this message, as it
continually changes us, and not simply our
hearers. We're experiencing the living
power of the message and person of Jesus,
our Jewish Messiah.